Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Frappuccinos Make People Happy

I watched "Animal House" for the first time last night. John Belushi is hilarious. It's too bad that he died. Did anyone know that his brother is Bonnie Hunt's husband in "Return to Me"? Random trivia. Also, according to imbd.com, when he would meet people for the first time, he would ask to borrow $20 and he would judge them by how they reacted. I think that's cool.

Okay, so there's an organization called Earthwatch that I really want to get involved with (www.earthwatch.org). They have all these expeditions they organize, where you go somewhere and help scientists with their work. For instance, you can go to northern Argentina to help excavate dinosaur bones, you can stay on a ship off the coast of Spain to track dolphins, record folk songs in Russia, study glaciers in Iceland and Alaska, Renaissance pottery in Tuscany, sea turtles in Costa Rica, the collapse of society on Easter Island, etc. Anyway, I first heard about them in 8th grade and I kind of forgot about it until now. But yeah, I'd really like to do some of these. You should too!

Listening to The Turtles. Yay for oldies. And one hit wonders. "Happy Together" reminds me of the time when I wrote the Indiana Jones version while waiting in line for the ride in Disneyland on Grad Trip. Imagine me and Indiana Jones... those were good times. Actually, I was thinking about all my random acts of creativity, whether or not the results are any good. Like the piano songs I wrote, that everyone at home hates but everyone at college loves. And the guitar one I made up, even though I suck at the guitar. Oh, and words I made up. I made up one earlier today: superawesomenesstotheextreme. That was a pretty intense word. I've made up more educated sounding ones, though. Like Shakespeareanesque. Wow, I just randomly remembered Phactilaxilucca United. That probably makes no sense unless you were in AP English senior year. I remember when we were making up the team name, and made a word out of all these F words. The "lucca" was from felucca. And how Ms. Ruszel made us change it to "Ph" instead of "F," because "P.U." is cleaner than "F.U." Good times with rebellious nerds. I can't believe I thought of that.

Okay, since I'm being off the charts random right now, I want to talk about punch. You know how whenever there's a barbeque, and they have ice water and punch? And how you always have to get punch, even though it's usually super watered down? So diluted that they might as well label the drinks "ice water" and "red water"? Yeah. Okay, so that was random. I don't even think I had a point.

Anyway, I should probably go because I'm getting dangerously random. Here's your fact for the day (thanks for finding it, Leah): In 1963, baseball pitcher Gaylord Perry remarked, "They'll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run." On July 20, 1969, a few hours after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Gaylord Perry hit his first, and only, home run. Quel coincidence!

Alright, really leaving now. Have a party. Viso gero, as they say in Lithuania.


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