Monday, May 30, 2005

Popcorn Can Be Lunch, Right?

Hello hello, from the Queen of Duct Tape here. Pretty sure I was sitting around while filming was happening and making bracelets out of duct tape. That makes me cool.

Here's a big shocker: I'm wearing a skirt! Decided to follow your example, Nina. I forgot I had this one, and it actually looks decent when I wear it. So, it's hot outside and I decided to do something different for a change. I think my jeans are mad at me now. By the way, if I seem like a creep who thinks her clothes hate her, don't worry, I'm not crazy yet. Just doing my part to be sleep deprived. Last night was 2am to 7am. Haven't found a nice spot to curl up and sleep yet, but we'll see what happens after lunch break ends and I'm back on set. Guerilla naptaking.

By the way, the house we are shooting at is possibly the cutest ever (I have been saying "cute" way too much lately, but it really is). It's on a quiet sunny street with trees and white picket fences, and it's this little yellow house. Actually, funny story. The film today is about a realtor with OCD, so we had a sign on the front lawn that said "For Sale" up for about two hours. Anyway, we kept seeing the same people drive up the street, and eventually a car stopped and they asked if the house was for sale. We were like, "Sorry, just filming!" Got a good laugh out of that.

I had Kool-Aid today. It tasted like a popsicle. So, feeling sugared up but without the hyperness. Actually, I had a popsicle too. One of my Diet Snapple popsicles (is it weird to anyone else that they make Diet Snapple popsicles? It weirded me out so I bought them). I keep trying to eat a kiwi strawberry one, but I think I keep getting pink lemonade. Maybe they're the same color.

There's a nest with baby robins out on the deck at the house where we're filming. It reminded me of the year when there was a robin's nest outside my bedroom window at home. That was really cool, because we got to see the babies up close. When they grew up, they came back and the next year we had a million robins hanging around our house. I remember when a gang of them were attacking a hawk. They eventually went away, though. I guess they're kind of my lucky birds. The mom was divebombing us this morning, so that was cool. We went inside and let her feed the babies.

I watched "Garden State" again last night. I kept looking at the lighting, especially backlights. I blame my film class for this. Really good movie, though. "So what do we do?" Makes me happy.

Anyway, here's your fact for the day, care of my Diet Snapple popsicle (yes, the popsicles have facts on the stick, kind of like how the drinks have facts on their lids). Here goes: Lizards communicate by doing push-ups. Okay, that is one language I do not want to learn. It's quite pathetic how weak my arms are. I was holding up a piece of white cardboard to block the sun while we were filming, and I couldn't keep it up for very long. Granted, it was a massive piece of cardboard, but still pathetic that I was struggling with it.

Have a nifty day. Play nice with the other children.


At 5/31/2005 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for skirts!


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