Saturday, May 28, 2005

Minesweeper Addicts Anonymous

It sucks to be an insomniac. After lying awake for two hours with the lights off, I was seriously considering taking Nyquil just to get drowsy. But whatever. I survived today with very little caffeine (except for the huge soda from Taco Bell at lunch...).

Filmed my movie today. Not much to say about it, except it went a lot faster than I expected, which kind of worries me...

Really sorry to be boring today. I shouldn't even post on days when I have nothing to say, but I've posted every day since I started, so it's kind of a habit.

At least you learn something new every time: All porcupines float in water. I'm not a cruel person, so is it bad that I really want to test this one out? Also, Kermit the Frog is left-handed (that's for you, Jacqueline and Cheryl and Jeff and Shea and Janae and all you lefties out there). Man, I never met so many left handed people in my life until I got to college! I think a few of my cousins and uncles are left handed, though...

Take it easy.


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