Friday, May 27, 2005

Cane Sugar

I am drained. Today has definitely been a really long day. I was up very late last night finishing my storyboards for my film project, only got about three hours of sleep, had class until almost 6:00pm, went to the house of one of my group members to plan our filming schedule, and I just got back. Actually, though, today was a great day. My teacher liked my story idea that I finally decided on (remember rebellious toothbrush girl? Now she's dyeing her hair "Run Lola Run" red, instead). That was really exciting, because I worked really hard to get to that point.

I feel like I had so much more interesting stuff to share about today, but I can't remember it at this point. Oh! I remembered! Pretty much, I'm really proud of myself because I figured out an efficient way to do something with lighting in my film class, and I felt really innovative. I was surprised that I could come up with a genius idea while running on caffeine. Actually, in some ways I think I operate better when I theoretically should be falling asleep standing up. Like when I pulled an all-nighter on my last day in Greece and got off the plane and the next day was at the first dress rehearsal of the high school musical running soundboard and doing an amazingly good job especially considering that I had no clue what time zone my body was adjusted to and I had never touched a soundboard before. Yeah, so that was interesting.

Anyway, I wish I had more stuff to say. I should probably go to sleep very soon, especially since I have to direct my short film tomorrow. That should be interesting. Anyway, random fact for the day: ants don't sleep. That reminds me that I need to, so adieu.


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