Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Elvis is Alive

What is with all these celebrity birthdays? So, today it's Mike Myers, Frank Oz, and Sir Ian McKellen. Austin Powers, Yoda and Gandalf all on the same day? I hope they all celebrate together. That would be an awesome party.

Man, I am hungry. In the absence of actual human company, it seems like I'm always thinking about food. I don't think I'm necessarily eating more, though, because I'm always hungry. Hmm...

So, I have my alarm clock set to the local oldies station (not as good as KFRC, just to let you Bay Area people know, but not too bad). Anyway, this morning it made me happy because I woke up to "California Girls" by the Beach Boys. Which I pretend is my theme song, since I am a California girl, and I'm outnumbered in the PNW (that's Pacific Northwest, for you Californians). Anyway, good way to start the day. Similar to when Neil Diamond sang "Sweet Caroline" on Good Morning, America. You know that's gonna be a great day.

I found out that I'm good at something today! So, I'm taking this film class, and I pretty much failed at coloring in pictures and setting up lighting (not really, I'm exaggerating), but! Apparently, I'm a natural at winding up an extension cord. That's pretty useful, I guess...

Okay, here's today's random fact: It takes about 142.18 licks to reach the center of a Tootsie pop. I always wondered about this - does this mean they're just licking one side, and how long it takes just to reach the center, or to completely get all of the lollipop off of the tootsie roll? Anyway, I also wonder about the people who have enough patience to actually lick the whole time. Ignore the dentist and your mother. You are supposed to chew a Tootsie pop. And ice.


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