Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I Love Jolly Ranchers!

Well, we finally wrapped up filming today. For most people, they just need to edit it and then they're done. Since they're all using my computer to edit, however, this means that I have another day and a half of people in my room. This will never end for me. Oh well. There's a good side to it, I guess. I can't waste time on my computer for long because they need to use it, so I've been reading. I'm almost finished with "Towers in the Mist." It's so good, I almost cried today but there was someone in my room editing, so I didn't. Actually, I probably couldn't cry if I wanted to, so I pretended like I was holding back tears that wouldn't come anyway. Confusing? Oh well, the book was worth it.

I can't tell if I'm getting sick of Easy Mac or if it's becoming a comfort food or something. I feel like it's all that I ever eat (except the instant wonton, which I finished). I could probably make Easy Mac in my sleep, and that is the extent of my culinary skills at this point. I used to make tapioca a lot, but then I got sick of it. I'll probably be a good cook when I actually decide to learn how. My mom is a great cook, so I have to inherit some of that, right? Don't answer that. I'm hoping.

I had to borrow a shirt today from a girl in my dorm. We were filming and I was wearing a black shirt (no surprise) but the girl directing wanted me to wear something colored. So I walked back to my dorm, but my keys were back on set, so I was locked out of my room. Fortunately someone was there, so I just borrowed one of hers. It's actually kind of funny, since we just figured out that we live in the same building this morning.

Do you know what is fun? Temporary tattoos. Do you know what is not fun? Creepy people. Also not fun is soaking light stands in "Goo Gone" to remove the gunk left by a week's worth of duct tape, but such is my life. At least it smells like citrus. I don't know why that's a plus.

Okay, I have to admit to a new guilty pleasure. There's a website where people write down their deepest darkest secrets on a postcard they design and send it to this website anonymously. I read an article about it in the New York Times today, and I had to see it myself. Some of them are pretty bad (someone who wished that a certain person had been at work on 9/11), but others are very amusing (the girl who thought King Babar was reading the story of her life, or the person who has to shave her toes). Anyway, if you're as curious as I was, here's the site (ironically, it's on blogspot too): http://postsecret.blogspot.com. Make of it what you will.

Anyway, I should probably be on my way, so here's a nice random fact for you: "On the cartoon show 'The Jetsons,' Jane is 33 years old and her daughter Judy is 15." That's pretty scandalous. Here's another one: "Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur." I wonder how they found that out. Sucks to shave a tiger.

Okay, I should really go now. Have the best day of your life.

Oh, by the way, exciting (ish) news: haha. So, my family decided to finally join the rest of the world and buy cell phones (we're such conformists! Oh well, I guess they can be useful). It was just hilarious because I was talking to my mom today and she was looking up parakeet ringtones (that's my mom) and also my little brother already has had his taken away for a week, and they just bought them like 2 days ago. I thought that was funny. Weird family.



At 6/01/2005 1:40 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Ahh! That postcard secret site is BRILLIANT!

Now I want to send one.


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