Saturday, October 08, 2005

I Really Need to Never Ramble

Hello from Cork. Computer is being frustrating, especially since I paid £2 (a.k.a. almost $4) for 30 minutes of internet, and it's not letting me check my school email or get on AIM (especially sad since it's like 3:15pm where you are and I might actually get to talk to someone). So, with nothing better to do with my money, I'm updating my blog.

Random List of Things for You To Do:
1. Go see "Green Street" at least once (violence warning...yeah okay)
2. some Banoffee?
3. Send me an email
4. Okay, I'm done with this list.

Let's see, what have we been up to lately? We went on about a million bus tours in a row (read: 3 day trips in 3 days) so as soon as we stopped feeling queasy, we got on another coach. Oh well. This was all around Galway, and I thought it was gorgeous. We were right next to Ros Muc (a.k.a. where my great-grandfather the Irish fiddler was from), so I was happy. Our driver on the first day, Desmond Murray (oh Dezzy), was a crazy old Irish man who liked to repeat himself. In a funny way. That made no sense. Anyway, his son is also a coach driver, so he was our driver on the last trip. He had a stuffed sheep named Ugly. Now I'm just rambling.

Oh, I met a cool family from Pennsylvania (if "Transylvania" means "land beyond the forest," what does "Pennsylvania" mean? And no jokes about pencils). I was standing behind them in line for lunch at Kylemore Abbey (a beautiful building that I didn't get to see because the £6.50 entrance fee was no good), so we started talking and they invited me to eat with them. I guess the son, Kyle, is studying in Ireland and his parents came over to visit. Hurray for studying in Ireland. Definitely the thing to do. I've been saying "hurray" a lot lately. Maybe I should stop.

Anyway, I have 5 minutes left and not much else to say. Hope you're all doing great and that it's not raining wherever you are (we've been having a bit of that). Okay then, ciao!


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At 10/11/2005 11:44 AM, Blogger carpe_diem said...

How do you leave the exact same comment three times on the same post? Blog spam sucks! I'm turning on word verification so that only real people will leave comments for me.


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