Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Aren't there supposed to be Pirates here?

Long time no update. Well, we're in Penzance, which is gorgeous. I know there's a Gilbert and Sullivan thing (they wrote like operas, right? or something...) about it, but fortunately that's all I know because otherwise I'd probably have the music stuck in my head all the time and then where would we be? Today we went on a five mile hike along the coastal cliffs...not a bad way to spend a morning. Picture, if you will (hee hee Munguia), clear water that's green when it's shallow and dark blue where it gets deep. Sunlight sparkling on the waves, white sand beaches, rocks and wildflowers. If I could find some wireless somewhere, maybe I'll get pictures up someday. Until then, you're stuck with my (kinda pathetic) descriptions...oh well.

We ate lunch in a town called Land's End (which is appropriate, because England kind of ends about there). Let's see...bought a bottle of spiced mead, to the amusement of some of the upperclassmen. I guess it's funny that I can drink here? I think the word someone used was "adorable." Still trying to figure that one out.

I should probably describe Liverpool. Well, they like to remind you that the Beatles originated there. And sell you tee shirts and coffee mugs. And the whole city is pretty much under construction at the end of summer (maybe because it's not raining?). Or maybe we're just lucky. We went to the Tate Liverpool, which was very cool (I thought). They had an exhibition on "The Summer of Love," so like psychedelia and stuff. I liked it (guess where it reminds me of? I'll give you a clue - it starts with a "B" and rhymes with Gerkeley), but not a lot of people did. Yeah, neon colors and flashing lights can do that. Gerkeley, I'm such a dork.

Hmm...I was about to start describing how great the weather has been, which is clearly a sign that I should stop rambling. I think I only bring up weather when I'm desperate. So, I'll stop here. Just two more important things!

#1: In case you haven't noticed, Whitworthians, you're in class right now. Haha. Good luck moving in and starting schoolwork and dropping Saga trays and everything.

#2: (This one is more important) My birthday is on Sunday! So, you have to have the greatest day of your life this weekend. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Alrighty then, ciao!


At 9/07/2005 3:55 PM, Blogger gina said...

Wow, I was beginning to think you'd never update. Happy birthday to come! I wish I were there, especially now during the art part (that was one of my majors in college). I like your descriptions, though photos will be most welcome once you can upload them. I think I too would have thought of Berkeley, or more likely, San Francisco, when viewing "The Summer of Love" since that IS where it took place, CA is where I am from, and I WAS alive then (though not quite old enough to fully appreciate it.) ;) Sounds like a fun exhibit and a terrific trip!


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