Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Trains = Best Way to Travel

We just arrived in Glasgow, so haven't seen much of it yet. The last few days we spent on the island of Iona, which was incredible. It was really tiny and green, there were cows and sheep, the water is so blue when it's sunny and a beautiful grey when it's stormy (we had a bit of both).

The hostel we stayed at is by far our favorite accommodations, and I think I speak for everyone. There was a great common room with a kitchen, with a huge wooden table, comfortable leather couches, a book corner, a wood burning stove, and wide windows with the most gorgeous views of the ocean.

We went to a ceildh (I think I spelled that completely wrong and it's pronounced "kaylee"), which is pretty much a dance night. Most of us had a great time learning the traditional dances and listening to the music. However, some went back to the hostel to study...

...porque our final exam was the next day. That's right everyone, I have taken a final exam and completed a whole class while the rest of you haven't even gone back to school. The day of the test, we pretty much studied all day and then took it really late (we decided when we wanted to take it, which was from 10pm-12am. Keith Beebe, our professor, was like, "You can function that late?").

Anyway, almost out of internet time. Lovely to chat with you.


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