Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Force is Strong With This One

Here's a great story! Okay, so there is now proof that I am a Jedi. Yeah, it's pretty cool. So, this person got a pirated copy of "The Return of the Jedi" (btw, I do not condone pirating unless Johnny Depp is one), in Chinese with English subtitles. However, the subtitles were translated from the Chinese, so they were a little bit, uh, scrambled? Anyway, so they thought some of them were funny, so they put up all these screenshots from the movie with the weird subtitles. And here is the one that proves I am on the Jedi Council:

Yes, that is correct. According to the Chinese translations, the Presbyterian Church is the Jedi Council. And, logically, since I am Presbyterian, it follows that I am a Jedi. Pretty awesome, huh?

Anyway, that's all I've got for today. Although, I could tell you some pretty interesting stuff about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll, since I've been researching them, like, all day.

Actually, here's another anecdote for today. So, my dad had to go to Bakersfield for business stuff, and he rented a car for that (since it's a bit of a drive), and he came back this afternoon. So, he's dying to take us riding around in it because it's a convertible. Now, in the right circumstances, I'd be all for it. But I'd been in my pajamas all day (researching!), and it was a white convertible (yes, I'm really that picky. White, in my book, just isn't that cool. I like white cars though, sometimes. We used to have one), etc. But he convinces us to drive to In N Out Burger for dinner in the car with the top down. Anyway, so we end up going. Pretty much, the moral of this story is that driving down your own street in a white convertible with the top down and your hair flying all over (usually pretty unattractive), with your Dad blasting his music (usually he has pretty good taste, but this was pretty bad), does not make you feel that cool. But whatever. Cool is overrated.

I think the only reason to have a convertible is if you were driving through the coastal redwoods in Northern California. Or down Highway 1 along the ocean cliffs and scenery. But just driving down the freeway with the top down? The freeway? Not really my thing, I guess.

Anyway, time for me to write an essay on good old Clive Staples and company. Have an awesome everything.

PS: The Star Wars Chinese thing is at Have at it.


At 7/31/2005 6:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that. It was hilarious.


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