Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Wish I Could Teleport

Updating early in the day so I can focus on essaying. Kind of sad how I feel obligated to post something pretty much everyday. Whatever, it's something to do. I probably have a pretty boring life at the moment.

So, I was trying to type "Charlie" and I accidentally typed "Comiclie." I don't even know how that happened. The letters aren't even that close to each other. So that was a good story, I might tell it again sometime.

Alrighty. Definitely don't have much else to say. Unless I bring up Roald Dahl again. I wonder if I can be him when I grow up. That would be pretty awesome. Maybe I can be a children't author - I knew there was a reason I'm majoring in English! And I can illustrate my own books. Wait, I take it back. Being able to draw is kind of fundamental to that, and despite what others may have told you, I'm not that great of an artist. Whatever.

Definitely time for one of my trademark random remarks. Alright, so I remember when I was little, I read about these guys flying planes over penguins. They'd fly back and forth, and the penguins would watch them. Then they'd fly straight over them, and all of the penguins would look up and fall on their backs. I've always wanted to do that.

Okay, back to my essay. Over and out.


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