Wednesday, September 28, 2005

You Don't Actually Crawl in Pub Crawls...I Learned That the Hard Way

We're in Dublin! But only until tomorrow, when we go to Belfast. I have to make this post really fast, since I don't know when the internet will run out (!!!).

We've been doing a lot of theatre stuff since we're taking our theatre class (makes sense, and notice the British spelling). We went to The Importance of Being Earnest and a play about a woman who survived the Rwanda genocide.

Umm...been buying a lot of books, which seems to be a habit for a good number of us on the trip. Hurray for no luggage space and no time to read anyway. When I was in Bath (oh wait, I never told you I was in Bath. I just realized how behind I am in updating...I'll tell you more about my 8 day break when I know I have more internet time!). Anyway, when I was there I picked up a copy of Persuasion and I'm almost finished, but I never have time to read, so I feel like it's taking a long time. Which is depressing, since I remember the days when I finished books in a snap! But oh well.

About the pub crawl...we went on a "Musical Pub Crawl" here in Dublin which meant we followed a pair of musicians to a few different pubs and they played for us and talked a lot about Irish music. Fun stuff, especially since my great-grandfather was an Irish fiddler. So that makes eighth Irish fiddler? Is that right? My easy math skills don't work when I'm under internet about to run out. Maybe I should just post this. Okay, bye!


At 9/29/2005 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9/30/2005 7:26 AM, Blogger carpe_diem said...

Uggh, I hate spam. Oh, random fact, did you know that "SPAM" comes from the words "Spiced Ham"? Learned that yesterday...


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