Friday, July 08, 2005

Finnish Karaoke is really REALLY bad!!!

Oh dear. Well, I'm using another computer that doesn't speak my language. I had to open Microsoft Word and go to "Symbols" to get the "@" to type in an email address, since I can't figure out how to get it using the key that it's on. There are like three different symbols on the same key! I don't get it! I'm so confused! But I worked around it. I'm pretty resourceful, if I may say so myself.

Well, glad to see that I'm not forgotten yet. Yes Leah, I will be back by the 16th, but barely. I think I'm back around noon on the 15th, but I will be super jetlagged, and then I'm going to be super dorky and go to a HARRY POTTER PARTY AT A BOOKSTORE TO GET THE BOOK AT MIDNIGHT!!! Theoretically. If my sister thinks that I'm cool enough to hang out with her and her friends. But no matter how tired I am, I will try to make it to Sogand's party. It depends how much the essays are going to kill me... why didn't I finish them in May? It's times like these that being a procrastinator really sucks.

Anyway, we're in Sweden. We were in Stockholm yesterday afternoon, then we got on an overnight train to Östersund, where I am now. And we leave on another train at 7am tomorrow, to go even further north. Apparently, it's tomorrow that we're going to meet our Swedish relatives for the first time. So that should be historic and memorable and great. We'll see how we're doing after an 8-hour train ride (my dad says that it's a touristy train and it's going to do the whole "stop and take pictures" thing. Kill me now! I'm a "get in the car and go" kind of girl. I bet the train would get there in like 5 hours if we didn't stop for pictures. Damn tourists. Wait, I am one. Hmm.).

There was an awesome store in Stockholm. It was closed, but we're going back down in a week or so, and we'll visit it then. It was like a Science Fiction Bookstore, but it had tons of crazy stuff, like Darth Vader Pez and Wizard's Chess and an action figure of the orliphant (ooh, that looks spelled wrong. I'm going to cry.) from Lord of the Rings. Stuff like that. My sister saw a poster that said "Ready Steady Ravenclaw!" and almost had a heart attack. So we're looking forward to getting back there. It's great to be a geek.

I think it's raining. At least I hear thunder. We walked down to the lake here (it apparently has a lake monster, but I didn't see it), and there was a thunderstorm across the lake. Cool stuff.
Anyway, places to go and people to see (not really), so have a great life and talk to you later. Umm, farväl was Swedish, right? Or färval? Stupid dots.


At 7/09/2005 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for Caroline responding to a post, it makes me laugh, hehe! I also think the Harry Potter party is funny, cause my family is going to A World of Books' Harry Potter party that Friday night, cause my dad's birthday is the 16th and he really, really wants the book for his birthday, and I told Nina and Kevin about it, and they wanna go too, so we'll all be Harry Potter partying, but maybe not at the same place, but oh well it's fun anyway, and that was a really long sentence that I don't feel like going back and changing. But anyway, continue to have fun Caroline, and I will see you soon!
Love, Leah

At 7/09/2005 3:56 AM, Blogger Nate said...

There's no way I would miss another Harry Potter release party -- the one I went to at Borders for Order of the Phoenix was surreal and sublime. Middle-aged men, sans children, wandering around in wizard's hats and robes... brilliant.

I'm bringing my camera this year for shore.


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