Sunday, June 19, 2005


Sister Update: Becky seems to be doing good and should be coming home later today. She's been talking to friends on her cell phone all morning. We went to visit her a little bit ago - she's sharing a room with a cute 4-year-old girl named Jelly (Angelica). Fun to have a cute roommate. Anyway.

I watched "Dead Poets Society" last night. Such a good movie. Everytime I see it, I'm like, "Carpe diem!" Hey, that's kind of the name of this blog. Weird. Okay, so I have a crush on Knox, I admit it. Too bad he's fictional. And the actor who played him is like 30 something now.

Today was an exciting day! (This paragraph is devoted to food, feel free to skip). So, we went to this restaurant in Berkeley called Smart Alec's that serves pretty healthy stuff (like veggie burgers). Anyway, so I had a (nonveggie) burger with avocado on it! That made my day. I believe in using avocado whenever possible. I know some people don't like avocado, but I'm fine with that. More for me, right? Anyway, I think it's the mark of a true Californian to love avocado. And now I'm moving on.

So we leave in a few days. My dad asked me if I wanted to look on Yahoo travel for stuff to do while we're over there, so I think I might do that in a bit. Traveling is awesome. It's probably my favorite thing to do. I still need to plan what I'm doing after the British Isles thing ends. It's over around November 3rd, I think, and I have to make my way over to Florence (Firenze!) by November 20th, somehow. Better start planning that...

Anyway, have to go do fun and exciting things. I think that the family party has changed locations, so now we're going to my aunt's house, instead of everyone coming here. I guess that's good. Now I don't have to clean my room. Haha. Just kidding. My room isn't too bad. It's just in that somewhat disorganized "I'm not done unpacking from college and I'm about to pack for vacation" state. Alright then. Leaving. Have an avocado day!


At 6/19/2005 10:43 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Dead Poets Society, eh? Copycat! I just watched that!

At 7/18/2005 11:49 AM, Blogger gina said...

Avocados rock! I too am a California girl (albeit removed from my beloved home state since 1978) and agree, loving avocados is the mark of a true Californian. Avocados on anything are the best! Avocados just plain, with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and pepper is the bomb. Can't get the kind of avocados here that you can get in CA. I remember taking people on trail rides at the San Ysidro Guest Ranch in Montecito right past an avocado tree where we could pick fresh, huge ones every day. Yum!


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