Saturday, June 11, 2005

Avocado = Happiness

Hurray for sunny Saturdays. And Boca Burgers.

This morning was my cousin's college graduation ceremony, so my family got up early and went to that. Over three hours outside under the hot sun squinting at a mass of graduates wearing black while listening to endless speeches - good times. It was pretty funny, actually. I loved when someone would come up to the podium and give a speech professionally and seriously, but have mediocre grammar. Or just slip up or something. One lady talked about the "past, president and future" and I swear that someone said something about the "Chamber of Converse." Maybe I'm too critical of how people talk, and there's a chance that English was a second language for some of them, but I needed something to be amusing or I'd fall asleep.

Guess who I saw there! None other than Sal Gavino, who I haven't seen since high school graduation. Apparently his uncle was getting a Masters Degree and another friend was graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. So I talked to him for a minute. Cool guy.

Anyway, so that has been my day so far. Maybe I'll do fun and exciting things later. Or essay.

I don't believe some of these random facts I find. For instance, apparently 4.5 pounds of sunlight hit the Earth everyday. That doesn't even make sense to me. How do you weigh sunlight? Any science majors out there? Anyway, that's your fact. I hope it means something to you. Gotta run.

Later: I'm really doing this "update my blog twice in one day" thing too much. This is the sign of an ubergeek. You all should back away very slowly then start sprinting.

Went to Nina's for movies and pizza. Now summer has officially started. We watched "Spaceballs" and "The Airheads." Good times, but the funniest parts were the random things we'd say. We're so weird. At least we think we're funny, right?

So, I'm super excited! There's this song I've been looking for forever, and finally Nina made her brother Sam find it, so I have it now. It's "Anytime" by Eve 6, and it's only on the soundtrack for this really crappy snowboarding movie. So, I'm glad I didn't have to buy the whole CD for this one song. That pretty much made my life right there.

Apparently my family made ice cream with the apricots we bought the other day. I'm not really sure what's going on with that. I've only been home for a little bit. Thinking I'm going to go investigate that in a few minutes.

Today is Shia LaBeouf's birthday! That's ironic, because we were talking about him earlier. This is Louis Stevens, everyone. Disney owns him, but he's still a cool guy. I love imdb. I definitely spend too much time on it. I made a group on facebook for imdb addicts, but apparently I'm the only one. Here's a mission for all you Whitworthians: Go to, poke around for a little bit, get addicted and then join my imdb group on facebook so I'm not all by myself! Sweet.

Anyway, I need to go be a loser now. Stay out of trouble.


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