Friday, June 17, 2005

There's Something About...Minestrone

So my little brother is trying to learn the guitar. Which means (1) he stole my guitar ("It's my guitar now! I like it more than you!"), and (2) endless hours of listening to him strum away to his song of choice ("London Calling" by The Clash). Let me tell you, not a pleasant sound.

Nice sunny day today. It rained yesterday, which kind of sucked. A group of us are going to the A's game tonight, so that will be fun and exciting. LET'S GO OAKLAND!

Otherwise, nothing new. Lying around the house, doing some reading. That's misleading. When I say "around the house," I mean "in my room," and the reading is all for the essays I need to write, not fun reading. Although it's interesting stuff. Writing about it shouldn't be too bad. Once I get started...

Alrighty then. Taking a break from random facts, so I'll just go now. Let me know if you miss them too much. Otherwise, adieu.


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