Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Love the Dewey Decimal System. Really.

Yay for Wednesdays! I have done absolutely nothing productive all morning. Actually, I can't remember the last time I've done something productive. Hurray for Cheez-its and juice.

At least being unproductive is interesting. I was talking with Nina online about pet monkeys. Didn't Pippi Longstocking have one? Anyway, we both agreed that we always wanted one, but we disagreed over the name of the species. We were thinking about the same ones (the little ones near the petting zoo at the Oakland Zoo - wait, didn't they redesign that? I haven't been there in forever. I should go sometime. It's like five minutes away). But she thought they were called spider monkeys, and I thought they were called squirrel monkeys. Guess who won? Hurray for that.

So then I spent about a half an hour looking up places to buy squirrel monkeys online. I eventually found this site that sold all different kinds of exotic pets, from monkeys to crocodiles, tigers to llamas. The weird thing was that they sold Clydesdale horses, which I don't think are very "exotic," but they're awesome anyway. Actually, I've always wanted a Clydesdale. When I was little, one of my favorite books was "Bow Down, Shadrach," by Joy Cowley about a family in New Zealand who has an old Clydesdale horse named Shadrach. So, part of me has always wanted to move to New Zealand and have a Clydesdale. I don't think I'd name him Shadrach, though. Maybe Abednego.

Then I spent time looking up different breeds of horses, because I also like the type of horse that has a gold coat and a dark brown-black mane and tail. I thought it was a certain breed, but I didn't end up finding it, so it might just be a coloring. I did find one cool breed. The Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan. Hurray for that. Those are pretty sweet horses. Actually, the more types of horses I looked at, the more they all looked alike. Oh well. Enough about horses.

I'm thinking about cutting my hair kinda short. I'm not really sure yet. I was thinking I'd wait until after the choir tour, in case it ends up looking awful. I figure I'll wait until I'm not up on stage. I'll probably cut it before England, though. Hurray for that. Just thought I'd warn you guys. Don't worry, not insanely short. And it'll probably grow out in like a week.

Anyway, I have to go get ready to do stuff. It's been a blast. Here's today's fact: A US government backed study found that pigs can become alcoholics. Not sure if I believe that one - it was from the site that had the fact "Coca-cola was originally green" which I looked up and ended up being an urban legend. Maybe someone else wants to research alcoholic pigs? Nevermind, I'll do it later. Anyway, gotta run! Have a great life.


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