Saturday, June 18, 2005

In an Old House in Paris That Was Covered With Vines...

Well, today has been pretty crazy. My sister woke up today with her side hurting, so my mom took her to the doctor to check if she had appendicitis. In the meantime, I went with my dad and brother to a two and a half hour long choir rehearsal to get ready for the tour we're going on in a few days. Around lunchtime, we talked to Mom and they weren't sure if Becky had it or not.

So we went to a guitar shop because my brother wants to get a guitar for his birthday (yay, I get mine back!) and looked at what they had. It was a little hole in the wall place in Berkeley that had guitars from floor to ceiling. It reminded me of when I wanted an electric guitar. Then I remembered that I rarely play my acoustic one, so maybe I should do some of that before getting a second one. Or I'll just steal Colin's. Anyway. Then we went to an old burger place called Oscar's for lunch (the A's game was on TV - still against the Phillies, and this time they were winning! Hurray for that).

Anyway, so we went to the Oakland Children's Hospital after lunch, and Bexy was just getting out of an ultrasound. Well, it turns out that she does have appendicitis, so she's going to have surgery in a bit and stay in the hospital tonight (hopefully not too much longer). So, pray for speedy recovery if you're the praying type, and if you're not, then send best wishes or good vibes or positive energy or whatever. Kind of sucks to have surgery like four days before going to Europe.

So that kind of changes this afternoon. We were going to have a joint birthday party today for Colin and my cousin Peter, but it's being pushed back to tomorrow. Colin was a little upset, but he's over it. He bought some new guitar picks at the store, and he's upstairs playing "London Calling." Again.

I'm making my mom take "Madeline" to the hospital to read to Beckers, because she has her appendix removed in the book. I don't know why I remembered this so well. In the middle of one night, Miss Clavel turned on her light and said, "Something is not right!" And so on. She gets a cool scar, and all the other girls in the orphanage want their appendix out too. That's awesome.

Apparently appendicitis runs in the family. My dad had his taken out when he was visiting New York when he was 13, my aunt had hers removed, my cousin Ashley had hers removed, and now my sister. I think I'm safe, since I'm a little older than they all were, but my brother, who's turning 14 in a few weeks, is freaked out that he's next. Actually, I'm surprised Becky got it and I didn't, since I take after my dad's side of the family and she takes after my mom. Weird.

Anyway, enough about hospitals and surgeries and appendicitis. Not that I have anything else to talk about. I need to write an essay and pack. And do laundry. Exciting times. I should probably go, then, since theoretically I'm busy. Have a great Saturday (or, whatever day it is when you read this). Ciao.


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