Monday, June 20, 2005

Dance Your Cares Away (clap clap)

Wow, I went through like almost the whole day without updating my blog! I guess I'm getting ready for the fast approaching time when I won't be able to write everyday (gasp!).

Today hasn't been too eventful. I started packing, kind of. That's really exciting. I bought 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner so I only have to pack one bottle! Awesome.

Actually, I had a kind of freaky experience at Longs (that's a drugstore, in case you don't have them in your area). My mom and I were about ready to get in line, when the background music changed. It started playing "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, and I was thinking, "Hey, good song. Haven't heard it in a while." But instead of Gwen Stefani singing, there was a keyboard. That's right folks, it was the elevator music version of No Doubt. Not something I want to hear very often. Or ever.

So, my sister asked to play Sims 2 on my computer. I almost forgot I had it. Curse all addicting computer games, especially pointless ones like this! Hurray, build a house! Hurray, they're in love! Hurray, their baby grew up! It's terribly pathetic. It's like artifical life for people who have no lives.

Actually, that's the reason that I waited all day to update this blog - little sister on the computer making little pretend families. I'll admit, I spent some time on it too. But I was packing the rest of the time!

By the way, I really really hate the word blog. Who likes it? I mean, it's kind of a mix between "blah" and "ugh," which are ugly words. For now, I'm going to say frog whenever I mean blog. Frog is a superior word. And frogs are green, and green is works.

Anyway, it's obvious that spending too much time updating this frog has been detrimental to my sanity, so it's probably time for me to finish for tonight. Have a good life.


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