Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Play That Funky Music, White Boy

Well, today was a long day, but it's been fun. Yes, I was busy packing this morning, which was not too bad. I am really really good at packing. It's like a gift. I fit all of my stuff in the suitcase, in addition to 4 one-gallon Ziploc bags full of clothes and a toy doll "Starletz" rock band or something that we're going to donate to the poor mothers and kids in Latvia. And I still have tons of space. My suitcase is kind of big, but not really. I just know how to fit tons of stuff in a small space. I could probably do the whole Mary Poppins carpetbag thing if I really wanted to.

So, my friend Lauren is moving to Missouri tomorrow, so we all went to Leah's house to say goodbye and have a little get together. Good times. Got some good quotes for my facebook profile, even if some of them probably don't make sense and aren't funny to people who weren't there. Oh well. I like them. And in a way, they're even funnier if you don't really know what the context was. I hope.

Okay, so I found this thing online where this kid and his friend filmed a few clown puppets lipsynching to some yodeling (I think it's yodeling, at least...I could be wrong). In any case, I thought it was funny. True, I am weird, but my sister and brother watched it and practically died laughing (True story! Especially since Becky's side hurts after the surgery. She's like, "It hurts to laugh!" So I told her to wiggle her fingers when she needs to laugh. I was mostly kidding. She was really doing it, and that made me laugh). Anyway, if you are brave enough to watch the yodeling clowns, go to www.eviltrailmix.com and click on "The Clown Quartet: Performing Stimmhorn's Triohatala." It's funny the first time, at least.

Anyway, here's some big news: I leave on my trip tomorrow morning! Translation: I might not be able to update this frog (haha) very often, and definitely not everyday, as I have (sadly) done for the last month (actually, today's the one month anniversary of when I started this frog. It seems like it has been longer...). I know this is heartbreaking news, but I hope that you can handle it. I will update whenever possible, and I'll try to upload pictures I take when I'm on the trip. That might have to wait until I get back.

Here's something for you though: One of the guys on the trip created a website so you can keep track of us. The URL is http://www2.fpcberkeley.org/choirtour2005/, so you can go there if you're interested. And with that, I take my leave. It has been a pleasure writing to you. This is not the end. Adieu.


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