Thursday, June 08, 2006


Now there is a word I cannot pronounce. It's the kind of dog that one guy likes to photograph all the time, and he'll give them the dog's head but a human body. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I can't say that word, but I'm working on it. It used to be "whim-ih-ra-ha-ha," but now I walk around mumbling, "Why-mer-anner, WHY-mer-anner..." It's a work in progress.

So basically my friends and I are really sneaky, and I'm good at acting not suspicious. My friend Sarah is getting married, so we threw her a surprise wedding shower today, which was fun and mostly not awkward. She was my small group leader/advisor at church from 6th grade until graduation, and she's definitely allowed to get married because she's like a decade older than us. I'm more not okay with my friend Erin who is 19 and getting married, but that is a completely different story.

Sarah and I were supposed to hang out today, and we drove to Jessica's house (way out in Walnut Creek, definitely a good 40 minutes away) on the pretense of dropping off stuff for Summer Sunday School, which both my mom and Jessica's mom are apparently involved with. And then...SURPRISE it was actually a party, what do you know.

We made an excellent cake, I cannot stress enough how good this cake was. Three-tiered white cake, with raspberry jam between the layers and vanilla frosting. Then embellished with tacky flowers and plastic doves, and lastly crowned with the essential bride/groom ornament. It was a work of art, believe you me. It's creation was well documented, and if I ever get copies of the pictures I will post one here, because I like to show off my work. I'm not so worried about my future cooking anymore, in fact I plan to transfer to the California Culinary Academy, the pastry track. Because I have a gift.

The part that made the evening switch from "completely not awkward" to "mostly not awkward" was when Sarah predicted the order in which we (the '04 girls) are going to get married. Out of nine girls, I bet you'll never guess who was first on the list for getting married. I'll give you a big hint: it was not any of the other eight girls. I think all my talk of made-up complicated love situations and secret English lovers ended up boosting me up on the list. Ah, crap.

And with that, I leave you with this exciting news from my secret English lover that is not actually my lover but is actually English: The World Cup starts in 8 hours!! (At least, 8am Pacific Daylight Time). I don't really know much about soccer/football/fĂștbol, but I guess the World Cup only happens every four years, like the Olympics (well, I guess the Olympics are really every two...). Anyway, here's England official World Cup song, if you're interested. Okay now, time for bed.



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