Monday, February 06, 2006

What I Need and Want

Here's another fun activity: Google "Your Name + Needs" and "Your Name + Wants," then compile a list of the results. Funny stuff. Apparently, I'm pretty needy and I want a lot of stuff.

Caroline needs to be more sexy.
Caroline needs new management. So who's to blame for the contamination of the sewer system?
Caroline needs to calculate an hourly heat input rate for her natural gas.
Caroline needs at least ten frogs from each location.
Caroline needs a job.
Caroline needs the money but is reluctant to take from a child.
Caroline needs an MRI every year for the rest of her life.
Caroline needs to be able to trust her heart.
Caroline needs help to deliver food and medicine to the starving Cheyenne people, to whom she owes her life.
Caroline needs to help the cake loosen slightly before it comes out of the pan.
Caroline needs some work on her teeth.
Caroline needs a kiss...
Caroline needs a better fiancee!
Caroline needs to be prevented from leaving the house.
Caroline needs to learn, roses really smell like poo poo.
Caroline needs to come get dirty with us one week!
Caroline needs boys, preferably ones in bands and floppy hair.
Caroline needs the support of the local farming community.
Caroline needs some Fanta too.
Caroline needs to be mocked for saying this.
Caroline needs to ask, “Do we want to end up like that?"
Caroline needs to have some good food in her.

Caroline wants to know why you called her a dork on my myspace?
Caroline wants advice on what to do about the stolen parcels.
Caroline wants a baby but she's confused.
Caroline wants you to send her email – that’s entirely consistent with her character.
Caroline wants to talk to Michael, she has something important to tell him but he wants to know more about her. Why is she so mysterious and secretive?
Caroline wants to be recognized for the patterns of light in her paintings and drawings.
Caroline wants to buy her own tuba.
Caroline wants to wear her leotard and tutu to school every day until she makes prima ballerina.
Caroline wants to skip college and become a runway model.
Caroline wants to be a pilot.
Caroline wants you to know just how awesome we are.
Caroline wants to drive from Fairbanks, Alaska to the tip of Chile.
Caroline wants to visit the Cotswolds, she heard it was “edgy” 500 years ago.
Caroline wants to know what love is like.
Caroline wants to see you in your hot and sexy boxers and a smile...and nothing else!
Caroline wants to be known as Carlo von Tiedemann.
Caroline wants me to learn to play "Sweet Home Alabama."
Caroline wants to make love to Matt’s car, or in Matt’s car, or on Matt’s car.
Caroline wants me to look at how high she can swing.
Caroline wants you?
Caroline wants to contribute to world domination.
Caroline wants to point out that there was also a scorpion, though that was lurking under the bed in our room.
Caroline wants to study botany and is accomplished at mathematics - not desirable traits in a woman in Regency England.
Caroline wants to go back to New York.
Caroline wants him, but he definitely doesn't want her.


At 3/22/2006 6:47 AM, Anonymous S. A. Shields said...

Carpe, I'm sitting on the patch at the corner of Navy and Q staring at the roadmap on my baby's face. If I don't come up with 29.03 by the 27th, a magic number, they will seize my storage area again. It's taken seven years to collect this stuff and I'll throw it in the creek at accident site 1954 before that happens. Scotland is not my favorite place right now. Al e oop and eee haw. Your picture could be construed as sexually explicit in some circles.

At 3/27/2006 1:36 PM, Blogger carpe_diem said...

What circles are those?


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