Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Pretty sure I haven't posted in a while. Not sure what's up with that. Does that mean I have a life now? That might be cool.

Finally back on campus!!! So that's awesome. I'm almost done moving in (I just need to decorate a little more, and I have two small boxes kind of in the middle of the room, so as soon as they disappear I'm officially "done").

Not much to report. Wow, this is turning out to be a really lame post. Aren't you glad I updated? Class is good, I finished my homework at 4pm so I have all evening to do whatever (and when I say "all evening" I mean it. It turns out that my roommate is nocturnal like me, so that's good news. Not good news is 9am classes).

Anyway, I found my manly hammer so it looks like I'll be attempting to hang up some posters again. I think the walls are made out of titanium or something. And when I say "manly hammer," I mean it's just a hammer, but it's pretty manly compared to my roommate's girly hammer which is little and covered in pink and purple flowers. Wow, Queen's "Hammer to Fall" just started playing. How fitting.

Okay, time to destroy some more pushpins.


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