Friday, December 02, 2005

Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

Things I am Happy about:
1. Having tons of time to read and watch movies or do whatever I want.
2. Vocabulary: Yesterday I learned the word "soi-disant" and it's possibly the best thing in my life right now. I'm just waiting for a chance to use it.
3. Raiding my parents CD collection: As dorky as this activity is, I discovered a new CD by Libera, who are an insanely good boy choir. Their songs lean a little too much toward pop, but if my (future) kids sing like those boys, I will be a happy person.
4. December: For so many reasons. Christmas is in December. Movies are coming out. The Decemberists sing "Engine Driver." And after December is January, when I can go back to Whitworth and be a normal college kid again. And take 80% (or so) English classes. Oh the nerdity.
5. Singing Rutter's Magnificat with the adult choir at church. I was glad to discover that my vocal chords still work.
6. Taking a spoonful of peanut butter and eating it.
7. Getting new music. Kaiser Chiefs and Kasabian and a bunch of Queen. Wow, unintentional alliteration. I'm happy about that too.
8. The music video for Basement Jaxx "Do Your Thing." Watch it and I guarantee it will put you in a good mood.
9. Watching "Rent" and figuring out that it was based on Puccini's "La Boheme" all by myself. True, I watched "La Boheme" within the last couple weeks, so it was kind of fresh in my mind, but I was still really proud of myself. Way to be cultured.
10. Cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Yes, please.
11. Being able to straighten my hair again. Sure missed that in Britain.
12. In a week I will be in NYC. Hurray for seeing Broadway shows and visiting colleges for the sister.
13. Editing my friend's final paper, which makes me feel like I'm at school. And I love editing stuff. I wish I had a paper to write, and that is the sad truth.
14. Facebook, which has gotten cooler beyond all my expectations. Pretty much anything that allows me to keep in touch with BISPers (and lesser mortals) is probably awesome. And hurray for the photo albums.
15. Having access to, not one, but two pianos so I can mess around on them all that I want and pretend like I'm still actually any good. Although, not both pianos at the same time. The whole "opposite sides of the house" thing.

Things I am Sad about:
1. Having tons of time with nothing to do but find ways to entertain myself. It gets old.
2. When I was in Europe, my computer at home was in the shop and accidentally had all the data and stuff erased. We got the data back, but some things are lost forever. Not the least of these were my Best Times for Minesweeper. For the beginner's level, I was down to 3 seconds. That will never happen again. I don't know how I did that the first time.
3. Colds that last for more than a week. Especially when you've only been back for a little over a week, so you pretty much came home and have been sick ever since.
4. Being home when all your friends are away at school.
5. Spending far too many hours online (morning, afternoon, and night) while other people have lives. Not being emailed or called by people because everyone is busy with school.
6. Basically living a hermitic lifestyle in the most depressing way. Involuntarily antisocial.
7. My parakeet who sees me as a sex object. Eww.
8. Already having homework for my Jan Term class. Needing to plan a movie that I really don't feel motivated to do. What can you film in Spokane in January?
9. Madonna's new song that ripped off of ABBA. At least Vanilla Ice stole from Queen. But ABBA?
10. It's snowing in Washington but it's raining in California. Especially sad when I actually decided to go hike around the lake but it rained. And sad when I don't get to play in the snow.
11. Running out of the gum I bought in Italy which wasn't that good anyway but at least I had gum and now I don't.
12. Trying to make an omelet but it always turns out as scrambled eggs. Oh well. Eating it with cheese and salsa makes everything better.
13. Still not knowing where I'm going to live when I get back to school, and the fact that I probably won't get to room with the person I want to. These are sad tidings.
14. Discovering more words that I can't spell. Including the names Michael and Jeffrey (are you sure it's not Micheal and Jeffery?) and apparently the word omelet. Because I think "omelette" looks a lot better, but I was wrong.
15. Wasting so much time that it's not even fun anymore. Maybe I will go into hibernation until January. Or get a job.

Anyway, I figure I have the same number of happy and sad things, so I guess that means I'm pretty balanced. And it's only a few more weeks until people come home, so I can go do fun and exciting things again.

Christmas tiiiime is heeere...


At 12/04/2005 2:30 AM, Blogger Nate said...

I'm bored too, so let me weigh in on parts of these lists:

1. Seconded. Arrested Development, you so funny!
4. December came all too fast. Probably because my watch only knows days, not months, and thus always goes to 31, and I'm too slow to pick up on November having only 30 days. December was literally here before I knew it.
9. Really, RENT should make anyone happy. Unless someone is anti-awesome.
15. Same here. Except substitute "cars" for "pianos", "drive by myself with the stereo at full blast" for "mess around on them", and "I can actually sing" for "I'm still actually any good". So, it's pretty much exactly the same.

1. Seconded.
4. Also seconded. Made more frustrating by the fact that technically friends at schools like U of O are within reach, but demand a 3-hour each way driving commitment.
5. Seconded again.
6. Again.
8. Thankfully not seconded.
12. As luck would have it, Google is on your side in the historic Omelet v. Omelette case. And Google is never wrong. Ever.
13. Partially seconded; I never had roomie plans. This would require having friends. (oh, snap!)
15. See how many naps you can pack into a day: time flies when you're unconscious. My record was 3, but then I went with plan B and got a job.


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