Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Lone Trucker Was Driving Through the Vernal Wood


That was a happy party for how glad I am to be done with classes. That's right, within the last hour or so I finished my fourth and final final exam (haha final final, sorry, I'm really happy about that). Who knows how I did...I was just getting used to being on vacation when Tammy hits us with a 6 quotes, 13 definitions and 5 essays monster. Which we took in the lobby of the hotel, with questionable background music (they like to play "I Believe I Can Fly," which we haven't heard since the 90s) and cigarette smoking guests. But hey, at least we're done.

Umm...what else have we been up to lately?? Well, Halloween was excellent. Some of the BISPers got dressed up as hunchback lepers (terrific costume), so I whipped out my drug dealer costume (black jacket, and bottles of ibuprofen and vitamins) and joined in. Going around the hotel trick-or-treating to the other BISPers, we got shortbread fingers, Hershey's chocolate, crackers, a Euro penny, a used train ticket and a bobby pin. Then we all gathered in one room and told scary stories. There were some really good ones. We were all pretty spooked. The best part was that one of the girls hid in the curtain and jumped out at the scariest part (I knew about it beforehand, but it was still fun to scream). Then we went to bed and got up a few hours later for the exam. Excellent.

Well, life is wonderful. Talk to you later.


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