Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well, The Moon It's Pretty

Oh, what a day. Today has been absolutely crazy.

We went to Marks and Spencer (kind of like Safeway meets Target only even better) around lunchtime to see...Emma Watson. That's right, Hermione Granger was there to pose for pictures and sign autographs. They gave us free movie posters (yes!) when we arrived, then we had to deal with being in the middle of a mob in the bottom floor of a department store before she even arrived. Apparently they were launching a new Harry Potter line of clothing (basically Halloween costumes of Harry's Quidditch robe and Hermione's Yule Ball pink thing and more shirts that have pictures of HP kids on them).

She came out and posed with a cute little boy dressed as Harry and a cute little girl dressed as Hermione, then she came over to the crowd to sign autographs and everyone went crazy. It was the most insane thing ever. People were pushing forward and crushing each other, shouting "Emma!" and basically making it the worst thing ever. They were really acting like animals. She actually had to leave so the security people could calm everyone down. Then she came out one more time, signed a few more posters, then left.

Well, my friend Kara and I had finally reached the front of the mob when she left, so we nearly got our stuff signed, but we didn't. So that part really sucked. At least we got to see her, and free movie posters.

Unfortunately, we went to a few other stores on Oxford Street (basically the shopping district in London), and while I was trying on a coat I put down the poster, forgot to pick it up again, and when I remembered in about 10 minutes it had disappeared. So, crushed in a mob and no poster. And feeling like an idiot. But it's okay. I'll survive. Anyway, that was pretty much my day so far. Just another celebrity sighting.

To completely change the subject, I think I'm turning into a Brit. It is the weirdest feeling ever. I'll be on the Tube (Underground) and I'll hear an American talking, and they have the accent. Like, I still speak with an American accent, but I listen like a Brit. We went to the movies the other day (Broken Flowers, good but really slow) and I was like, "They're driving on the right side of the road! What are they doing?" Also, I was extremely conscious of it being an American movie. Oh, those Americans and their movies. Anyway, I hope I made some sense.

Oh, I was going to include some pictures. I'll just choose a random few.

Windiest place I have ever been. We were literally leaning into the wind and it was holding us up. This was along the coast in Northern Ireland.

Same day. This is Giant's Causeway, which is basically just really cool, geologically speaking.

A thatcher at work in Ireland.

Morning in the Lake District. The whole time we were there, I felt like I should be on my honeymoon or something. Probably one of the most romantic places in the world, up there with the Greek Islands and stuff.

First time we had seen a "mountain" in a while, so I think everyone took a picture of it.

Stairway at Christ Church College, Oxford (aka the stairs at Hogwarts - Neville finds Trevor).

Canterbury Cathedral.

Pretty bad picture of the statue in Canterbury Cathedral of Frederick Temple (aka the Archbishop of Canterbury I'm related to somehow).

And Emma Watson this morning. Gotta go!


At 11/01/2005 5:01 PM, Blogger gina said...

I love it that you're thinking in British. I think I would find myself doing the exact same thing if I could be there as long as you have been there. Great pics, great tales. Thanks for the update, since your compatriots are pretty bad at updating their blogs. It's nice to hear what you guys have been up to.


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