Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Well, life has been relatively uneventful since I've been home. I went to San Francisco with my mom, aunt and cousin a few days ago. That was interesting.

My mom had these ancient gift certificates for Saks Fifth Avenue, so the point of the trip was to buy makeup for her (which is pretty funny, since she rarely wears any). It was pretty fun. Makeup people can be scary, though! Three of them cornered me and were like, "Would you like us to put makeup on you, pretty girl?" I was like, Pretty girl? Who are they talking to? "Yeah, sure..." There was this other creepy saleslady at Neiman Marcus. We walked in, and she attacked us. "Have you tried our Vitamin C [lotion]? Would you like me to put it on your hands?" We were frightened. It was fun though.

Me: Cosmetics Counter :: _______ : Candy Store
A. Clowns
B. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
C. Little Kid
D. Boogey Man

Correct Answer: C

What else have I been up to lately? I'm singing Rutter's Magnificat with my parent's choir tonight and tomorrow. I've only been to like three practices. Hurray for being able to sightread successfully 94.7% of the time! So that's exciting. Full orchestra, open flames and synthetic fabrics, lots of music, etc. Oh, and my parents are pretty sick (I'm the only healthy one now! They're out to get me!) so I might be the only one in my family singing tonight. Haha. Wait, that's not really funny. Just ironic that I'll be up there and my parents won't, even though they're members of the choir and I am certainly not (you have to be a grown-up, and it's optional for you to have grandchildren). I may be an adult, but I'm really new at it.

Went to my little brother's basketball game yesterday. It was time for me to be a good big sister, since he recently dubbed me a S.W.I.N.E.S. (apparently: "Sister Who I Never Ever See"). Our cousin is also on the team. They lost, but it was close.

What else? I really liked "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." I had high hopes for it, and they weren't disappointed. Not everyone I've talked to was overly thrilled, but I just loved it.

I was going to put up some NYC pictures, but the internet doesn't want to let me right now, so maybe some other time. Okay, that' s it for now!


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