Sunday, July 17, 2005

R2D2 Pez (Grape)

I didn't know that Altoids made Raspberry Sours. They're actually a little intense, but I love anything raspberry, so hurray.

We made a piñata yesterday! That was fun. My friend had a birthday party, so four of us made a piñata as a present. We filled it with good candy, and lots of awesome party favor rings and Mardi Gras beads and other coolness. I got to put all the stuff in it. That was awesome. I'm like, "Can this be my job? I'll put candy into piñatas anyday!"

The funny thing is that we didn't hang it up or attack it with a bat or anything that you're supposed to do. We first put it on the floor and people were like punching it and stuff. Haha. That was fun to watch. Then someone found a weak spot and just ripped it open. So all the candy and junk fell out, and everyone was excited and happy like little kids.

My mom made me some spaghetti!! I ate it for breakfast, though. I have the weirdest eating habits. I mean, usually I'll eat normal stuff at the normal times, but then I have pasta for breakfast or something. And cereal is good all day.

Do you know what's really gross? The green cherries that they put in like fruitcakes and stuff. Who ever thought it was a good idea to make cherries green? Why? Plus they taste nasty. Okay, so that was like the most random thing ever. I'm blaming jet lag for my lack of a point. Although I think I'm over jet lag. Oh well, I'm sticking to it.

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do as a career. About a week ago, I was thinking that being a ride operator on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland would be pretty awesome. I don't think they'd hire me to be one of the princesses and smile in pictures and sign autographs and things (for obvious reasons - it's usually important to be photogenic and have good handwriting, not just mediocre), but I think I could handle Indiana Jones. But then we got home the other day, and in the airport they have this woman walking around with a trained Beagle sniffing everyone's backpacks for food. I'm like, I could do that! But today I'm not really sure. I'll be like a freelance kite designer or something. Kites are pretty awesome. You just get them up in the air, then you don't really have to do much. Just take a nap in the grass or something.

Okay, need to go get a life. Or do important things. Like research Celtic Monasticism. Goodbye.


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